Is HR and Payroll Tech Ready for the Future of Work?

As the workforce becomes increasingly diverse, distributed, and digitally driven, the role of Human Resources (HR) in these organizations becomes more complex and pivotal than ever. At the heart of this transformation lies HR Technology, a critical enabler for managing talent across borders and cultures. But is HR Tech truly ready for the future of work in the context of global companies?
This compelling webinar takes an in-depth look at the intersection of HR Tech and the future of work for global organizations. By gathering experts in the fields of HR and technology, we aim to address the pressing questions and unique considerations that HR leaders and technology innovators must tackle to ensure a seamless transition into the new era of work.

Key Topics to be Explored:
1.     Global Workforce Dynamics: An examination of the evolving demographics and workforce dynamics within global companies. How can HR Tech adapt to manage a diverse, multicultural workforce with varied needs and expectations?
2.     Cross-Border Collaboration: The role of HR Tech in fostering cross-border collaboration and international talent management. How can technology facilitate communication, collaboration, and cultural understanding among teams spanning different continents?
3.     Compliance and Regulations: The intricacies of compliance with international labor laws and regulations. How can HR Tech assist in ensuring that global companies adhere to local and international employment standards?
4.     Global Talent Acquisition: The use of technology in recruiting and retaining global talent. What tools and strategies are available for identifying and acquiring top talent on a global scale?
5.     Global Employee Benefits and Compensation: How HR Tech can streamline and optimize the management of employee benefits, compensation, and payroll across different regions, ensuring equity and compliance.
6.     Language and Cultural Adaptation: Leveraging technology to bridge language and cultural barriers within global organizations. How can HR Tech facilitate understanding and cohesion in diverse workplaces?
7.     Data Security and International Privacy Laws: Safeguarding sensitive HR data in a global context, considering the different data protection laws and regulations in various countries.
8.     Evolving Work Models: Exploring how HR Tech supports various work models, including remote work, hybrid work, and cross-border collaboration.

Why Attend?
This webinar is a must-attend for HR professionals, global business leaders, and technology enthusiasts seeking to understand the unique challenges and opportunities HR Tech presents in the future of work for global companies. By participating, you will gain invaluable insights, practical strategies, and a roadmap for harnessing HR technology's power to drive success in the increasingly complex and interconnected global work landscape.

Join us as we navigate the intricate interplay between HR and technology in the context of global companies, and discover how HR Tech is poised to meet the distinct challenges and seize the global opportunities presented by the future of work. Register now to be part of this essential conversation and stay ahead in the dynamic world of global HR management. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive edge!






    Meet the presenters 

    Rick Hammell - Author | Global GR SaaS Investor

    Rick Hammell is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board at Atlas and retaining the position of majority shareholder, Rick remains dedicated to supporting the company's continued growth and success. However, his passion for positively impacting people's lives and advancing Human Experience Management through technology continues to fuel his visionary pursuits. Rick steadfastly pursues his ambition to create pathways that enable all businesses to compete globally in emerging ventures and investment opportunities, further contributing to a more equitable and interconnected world.