Overview of Payroll in Italy 2016

Overview of Payroll in Italy 2016

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An overview of processing payroll in Italy

 Hit hard during the recession Italy has introduced a series of measures to support businesses that need to reduce their workforce plus incentives for recruiting long term unemployed all of which can have an impact on payroll. There are also increased online reporting requirements which many employers don’t fully understand where failure to comply is punitive and can affect the employer’s ability to trade in Italy.
Alongside this are the complexities of TFR – leaving indemnity payments – which has to be accrued on an monthly basis, revalued on an annual basis and is taxed twice. 
Having attended this on-line course delegates will have confidence that they understand the fundamentals of payroll processing in Italy, are clear about the employer payroll obligations, know what they need to do on both a periodic and annual basis, can answer employee queries and check payslips. 

Even if payrolls are outsourced it is still the employers responsibility to ensure all obligations are met and that tax and social security are correctly processed. This course not only gives you the information you need to be compliant but you will know exactly what information should be given to a payroll provider and the various tasks they should be completing on your behalf – especially the DURC reporting.

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