Lead Your Organisation to Payroll Compliance Mastery

The rise of remote and hybrid work, changing workforce demographics, increasing data privacy regulations, and much more have significantly altered the working world. Technology has been at the centre of this shift, enabling employees to work from anywhere. But with great freedom, comes great complexity - and risk of non-compliance when it comes to payroll.

When employees demand a better work-life experience, paying them correctly and on-time is critical. This puts huge pressure on payroll teams, when companies operate globally and regulations, compliance issues, tax laws, and employment customs vary greatly from country to country.

As a global payroll leader, how can you keep up with ever-changing (global and local) compliance requirements and ensure you and your team are delivering compliant, accurate payroll every time?

In this webinar, you will:
  • Explore common global payroll challenges facing companies that decide to expand globally – and the impact these have on payroll compliance.
  • Understand the biggest changes affecting payroll compliance in 2024 – and how to manage these in your compliance strategy.
  • Learn how global companies are avoiding costly compliance pitfalls with unified global payroll, greater visibility, standardization, and control.

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Meet the presenters 

Alice Tyson, Solutions Consultant at CloudPay

Alice Tyson is a seasoned global payroll expert with over 17 years of experience working in implementation and operational roles across both global payroll and payments. In her 10+ years with CloudPay, Alice has become a trusted advisor for organizations seeking to streamline their global payroll processes while ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Robyn Torgius | Global Head of Payroll at IFS

Robyn has been in the HR environment for 23 years and within payroll for the past 13.

She considers Payroll to be her passion as it is often lost between the HR and Finance functions.

She considers her ability to flex between roles within payroll to be her greatest strength and although she finds the processing of payroll a familiar comfort, the challenge of integrations is what she enjoys the most. She is originally from South Africa and immigrated to Ireland 8 years ago and considers her greatest achievement to be completing an Ultra Marathon of 89.9km in South Africa called The Comrades Marathon.