Linkedin Live: Future of Payroll

See if this sounds familiar: fewer skilled workers for your most critical roles. Elevated turnover as employees demand more from their relationship with work. Pressure from competition facing the same demands. That's right: it's the "Great Resignation", but it's also so much more. It's a new labor market in the making, and the decisions of payroll are poised to become so much more charged than they have ever been before.

Join Tris Woods, Chief Product Officer at Safeguard Global, for our second of three seminars discussing the past, present and future of payroll, where we'll discuss what's a trend, what's here to stay, and how the office of payroll is quickly becoming an engine of leadership in a fraught - and exciting - new world of labor


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Meet the presenters 

Tristan Woods, Chief Product Officer at Safeguard Global. 

Tristan is a leader in global workforce and payroll management. He has led strategy development at Safeguard Global for technology solutions, including operations, implementation and development of our global payroll platform and employee portal. He is passionate about payroll and helping clients find pragmatic solutions to real global business challenges.