LinkedIn Live: Payroll Without Borders - with Rick Hammell

In this month's episode, Rick will discuss Employer of Record vs Traditional Payroll and the Pros and Cons.

This session will be interactive, and we encourage you to contribute and welcome any questions you have. Payroll without Borders will be an ongoing monthly session presented by Rick Hammell and Melanie Pizzey.


Meet the presenters 

Rick Hammell - Author | Global GR SaaS Investor

Rick Hammell is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board at Atlas and retaining the position of majority shareholder, Rick remains dedicated to supporting the company's continued growth and success. However, his passion for positively impacting people's lives and advancing Human Experience Management through technology continues to fuel his visionary pursuits. Rick steadfastly pursues his ambition to create pathways that enable all businesses to compete globally in emerging ventures and investment opportunities, further contributing to a more equitable and interconnected world.