Overview of Payroll in Czech Republic

Overview of Payroll in Czech Republic

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    Czech Republic

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Who is this course for?

It is aimed at those who are looking to start running a payroll in the Czech Republic for their organisation, or those who are utilising the services of a service provider who want a better understanding of the set up requirements so they are better able to support their business and ensure compliance in their organisation.


What will be covered?

Country Overview:

  • Payroll provider (In Country Payroll – ICP)
  • When is your company in need of In Country Payroll?
  • Citizens right to employment
  • Foreigners and applicants from EU
  • Work permits
  • Tax allowances
  • re-qualification

Employment Law:

  • Registration
  • Regulations
  • Monthly reports
  • Personal data
  • OnboardingEmployees
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Purpose Limitation
  • Data Minimisation
  • Training
  • Termination
  • Labour Laws
  • Service of documents
  • Labour Contract
  • Job transfer
  • Termination
  • Working hours
  • Rest periods
  • RefundsBenefits


  • Year End Activity
  • Income tax
  • Tax allowance
  • Tax reconciliation
  • Tax return
  • Tax credits

Social Insurance:

  • Health insurance
  • Public health system
  • Premiums
  • Pension Insurance
  • Social Security
  • Sickness Insurance

Payroll Administration:

  • Average earnings
  • Gross to Net
  • Gross Salary
  • Calculation
  • Worked hours
  • Average Hourly earnings
  • Average monthly earning
  • salary deductions


  • Sick leave
  • Holiday
  • Sick Pay
  • Maternity leave


To run or supervise the running of payroll in the Czech Republic you must first be familiar with the fundamentals; setup requirements, labour laws, employee entitlements etc. Our essential overview course provides everything you need to correctly support employees, confidently monitor providers and maintain compliance.

Course Trainers

  • Klara

    Senior Payroll Consultant

    Klára as a strong skilled professional helps clients to set up payroll processes, using benefits and issues related to HR. She ensures that all processes are executed appropriately and in a timely manner. She completes the full payroll cycle, including all pre- and post-controls and validation, ensuring that all tax issues are properly addressed, preparing payroll transactions, and closing each cycle in a timely manner consistent with internal governance and payroll agenda requirements with the goal to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Klara actively cooperates on HR and payroll events.