Overview of Payroll in Romania

Overview of Payroll in Romania

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Who is this course for?

This course targets Payroll and HR Professionals responsible for processing or managing Vendors who handle Romanian payrolls, willing to gain in-depth knowledge of the Romanian payroll system.

What will you achieve?

Our comprehensive Payroll Training program is specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the Romanian payroll landscape with ease. Our training covers all aspects of Romanian payroll, including tax regulations, social security contributions, employee benefits, and legal compliance. We ensure you have a thorough understanding of the Romanian payroll framework.

Course Trainers

  • Iulia

    Managing Partner Vice Chair, BKR International EMEA

    Passion is the word that defines Iulia. This is how she inspires and develops the Argus Audit and Argus Employment team, specialized in tax consulting, financial audit, accounting, payroll, management consulting and respectively EOR services, having relevant experience of more than 25 years with foreign companies with operations in Romania. Member of the Board of Directors of BKR International EMEA, the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors, the Chamber of Tax Consultants and the Body of Expert Accountants and Certified Accountants Romania and CEO Clubs International, mentor within the Professional Women Network. Iulia holds a Master of Arts Board Practice and Directorship from Henley University UK. Iulia brings excellence in business, being involved in Advisory Boards as well.

  • Oana

    Employment Manager

    Oana is a dynamic and results-driven HR & payroll professional, acting as Employment Manager within Argus Audit and Employment, and a passionate advocate for employee relations and regulatory compliance. With a proven track record in managing employer-related services, Oana serves as a valuable leader of the Argus HR & Employment team, guiding organizations to create thriving work environments and ensuring seamless HR operations. As valuable leader of Argus HR & Employment team, with over 10 years of experience in the field, Oana' s expertise lies in providing comprehensive HR & payroll consulting, onboarding, and employment services to a diverse portfolio of clients spanning industries such as IT, retail, commerce, and services. Argus Audit and Argus Employment totalize more than 250 active clients and more than 1200 monthly pay slips. Argus Audit and Argus Employment act as In-Country-Provider serving multinational companies with the administration of HR, payroll and tax compliance for Romania jurisdiction.

What will be covered?

Module 1: Introduction to Romanian HR & Payroll Legislation

  • Gain a solid foundation in Romanian payroll legislation, including an overview of the legal framework, key regulatory bodies, and important compliance requirements.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of employers, employees, and tax
    authorities in the payroll process.
  • Learn about the different types of employment contracts, working hours, and leave entitlements under Romanian law.

Module 2: Taxation and Social Security Contributions

  • Dive into the intricacies of Romanian tax regulations and social security contributions.
  • Understand the various types of taxes applicable to employees' income, including income tax, social security contributions, health insurance contributions, and other mandatory deductions.
  • Learn how to calculate and report these contributions accurately, ensuring compliance with Romanian tax laws.

Module 3: Payroll Calculation and Processing

  • Master the art of calculating salaries and other payments accurately.
  • Explore the different components of a payslip, such as gross salary, net salary, social security contributions, income tax, and other deductions.
  • Gain practical insights into handling salary adjustments, bonuses, allowances,
    overtime, and other common payroll scenarios.

Module 4: Reporting and Compliance

  • Learn about the reporting obligations imposed by Romanian payroll legislation.
  • Understand how to prepare and submit required reports to the tax authorities, social security institutions, and other relevant entities.
  • Discover best practices for maintaining accurate records and documentation to
    ensure compliance and facilitate audits.



Module 1 brings participants an introduction to Romanian payroll legislation, including an overview of the legal framework and compliance requirements. Module 2 focuses on taxation and social security contributions, ensuring participants understand the different types of taxes and how to calculate and report them accurately.

Module 3 delves into payroll calculation and processing, teaching participants how to accurately calculate salaries and handle various components of a payslip. Module 4 covers reporting and compliance obligations, providing insights into preparing and submitting reports to the relevant authorities.

Our training modules are designed to be interactive and engaging, featuring real-life examples, case studies, and practical exercises.