Overview of Payroll in Turkey

Overview of Payroll in Turkey

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Turkey, an emerging business hub, is the gateway between Europe and Asia providing an attractive investment opportunity for business across all types of industries with the various incentives offered by the government.  Like many nations Turkey does have a complex payroll structure, tax and social security system but unlike most nations Turkish employees are not subject to any year-end activity and the reasons will become clearer as the unfolds.

This course will be delivered over 3 days at 5 hours a day and will be a more interactive classroom structure with worksheets and tests being provided to ensure full understanding.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at payroll representatives of global organizations who will remotely run Turkish payroll or for service providers who need to ensure client compliance of Turkish payroll. 

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course participants should be able to manually a standard payroll, have a fairly in-depth understanding of the application of legal payroll parameters, general payroll rules and most importantly the application and effect of exemptions and discounts in payroll. The use of worksheets, exercises and tests will allow participants to directly apply the topics to the payroll calculation process.

Course Trainers

What will be covered?

Country Overview:

  • Overview of Payroll in Turkey
  • Payment types and benefits in kind
  • Calculation of statutory deductions
  • Working week and differences in working hours calculations and overtime
  • All leave types
  • Termination payments and termination conditions, statutory requirements.
  • Annual payroll parameters and tax tables
  • New hire and termination process, legal deadlines.
  • Overview of legislative framework
  • Unions and collective agreements
  • Wage garnishments and court orders
  • Private pension system and compulsory pension deductions

As this course will be a more interactive session participants will have the opportunity to actively ask the presenter questions and complete the worksheets as they go along.

Post-course support can also be offered with the fee subject to negotiation depending upon whether this is one-off or the delegate would prefer a retainer service which we offer to clients based on an hourly rate.