Pay Equity & Transparency: Threat or Opportunity for Payroll Leaders…and for Business

Pay equity & transparency is a pipe dream for many countries around the world and very few feel that they have truly actually achieved pay equity. There is a challenge in measuring, and this needs to be refined. Pay Transparency regulations are emerging with increasing frequency, and the most comprehensive and demanding set in the world are due to be implemented in the EU by 2026. Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into what the complexities and implications for Payroll leaders and the wider business will be. During  the webinar we will:

  • Help you understand what the legislative landscape looks like in the EU and USA & what you as a business leader needs to know
  • Discuss the impact will have on the EU and the USA so that you can take action.

Dig deeper into the implications for businesses so that you have clarity on what is required as a stakeholder which the legislation impacts.


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Meet the presenters

Helena Almeida Vice President, Managing Counsel for ADP
Helena joined ADP in March 2018 as Senior Counsel in ADP's Litigation group.  She was promoted to Vice President - Litigation Counsel in 2021 and in 2-22 to Vice President- Managing Counsel.  Helena currently leads ADP's HCM HR & Benefits team, which supports product and business teams across enterprise on a variety of key compliance areas, including artificial intelligence, pay equity and transparency, benefits, leaves, work classification, and accessibility.  She is a frequent speaker on issues relating to pay transparency, the responsible use of artificial intelligence and HCM industry compliance trends.

Stuart Hyland, Partner at Blick Rothenberg
Stuart is responsible for leading the organisation's Reward Advisory Services business.  Stuart has over 25 years experience as an international reward and performance consultant recognised for his track record in delivering pragmatic employee reward programmes and solutions. His expertise includes reward strategy design and implementation as well as all component parts including job evaluation, job families, grading, base pay systems, GPG reporting, variable pay and also covers performance management and employee engagement related policies and processes. In the last 2 years Stuart has been playing a leading role in raising awareness of the EU Pay Transparency Directive with employers across Europe and the UK and supporting them as they commence their journey to compliance.