Payroll’s Impact on the Global Employee Experience

It is no secret that organizations who invest in employee experience have a more engaged, productive and loyal workforce, but payroll’s role in creating and maintaining a positive environment for the employees has historically only been seen as just not getting payroll wrong. However, expectations of employees have grown in recent years and the demand for trust, transparency and a consumerized experience provides payroll teams with an opportunity to extend their impact beyond just getting the number right. Highly effective payroll teams across the globe have begun to harness modern technology to work beyond simply a means to optimize and streamline a complex process and have expanded their attention to bolster the employee experience.

This session will bring to light the ways in which payroll can improve transparency and communication, ensure pay equity, provide flexibility with how employees are paid, delight leadership and staff alike, and ultimately positively affect the bottom line.



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    Meet the presenters 

    Richard Limpkin, VP Multi-country Payroll Solutions at UKG 
    He has been at the forefront of pushing technical and process boundaries from very early in his career.  From being part of the teams that wrote the first HR Business Intelligence layer in Oracle, consolidated procurement across the British Armed Forces, integrated point-solutions for every aspect of the HR lifecycle into a single platform, to leading the creation of global alliance organisations, the ground-up build of professional services & consulting organisations to being the leader and mind behind the first truly touchless global payroll and payments technology solution at Immedis.

    Richard built team capabilities around this space that incorporated all the critical aspects of technology, process and humans to be able to drive large scale transformation in his customer organisations.  He has often been the bridge across disparate parts of organisations and customers, driving growth from start-up to acquisition