Payroll’s Role In Global Workforce Management

Managing payroll in a global workforce presents unique challenges and opportunities for organizations. This webinar will delve into the crucial role that payroll plays in effectively managing a diverse and distributed workforce on a global scale. From compliance and regulatory issues to technology solutions and best practices, attendees will gain valuable insights to optimize their global payroll operations.

Key Topics to be Explored:
  • Global Payroll Compliance and Challenges
  • Technology Solutions for Global Payroll Management
  • Best Practices for Global Payroll Operations
  • Risk Mitigation and Data Security in Global Payroll
  • Employee Experience and Engagement in Global Payroll

Why Attend:
Whether you currently manage global and remote teams or anticipate doing so in the future, this webinar is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of how payroll impacts workforce management on a global scale. By attending, you will:
  • Gain insights into navigating complex global payroll compliance regulations and challenges.
  • Discover technology solutions to streamline global payroll processes and enhance efficiency.
  • Learn best practices for optimizing global payroll operations and ensuring compliance.
  • Understand the importance of risk mitigation, data security, and disaster recovery in global payroll management.
  • Explore strategies for improving employee experience and engagement through effective payroll processing.

Attendees will leave this webinar equipped with actionable strategies and knowledge to enhance their global payroll operations, drive organizational success, and effectively manage global and remote teams.




      Meet the presenters 

      Rick Hammell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Helios

      With over 16 years of experience in Global HR Operations management, Rick Hammell is currently the Founder and CEO of Helios, a new HCM and Payments platform launching later this year. He is also the Founder of Atlas, a HR Tech company he established in 2015. With a keen eye for identifying market gaps, Rick's entrepreneurial journey began at his dining room table, where he recognized the pressing need for solutions that could empower companies to expand into new markets efficiently, rapidly, and with strict adherence to compliance standards. Driven by his dedication to streamlining global expansion, Rick pioneered the innovative Direct Employer of Record business model, specifically designed to support companies with ambitious international aspirations, while fostering equitable opportunities for businesses to compete on a global scale. Under Rick's visionary leadership, Atlas experienced a remarkable transformation, evolving from a local startup into a renowned global tech firm, boasting an impressive network of 19 offices worldwide. This extensive reach enables Atlas to provide exceptional support to clients in over 160 countries