Realizing value from your payroll / HCM integration

The Modern Pay Experience starts with a unified, end-to-end solution integrating HCM and payroll. With both platforms operating within a single ecosystem, you can simplify pay processes, reduce manual intervention and errors, and achieve consistent global reporting. Yet, without proper preparation a project of this kind can be a truly daunting prospect.

In this webinar, you'll learn how multinational financial services firm Wells Fargo prepared for their integration between the Workday and CloudPay platforms. You’ll receive a first-hand, real-world account of the challenges, solutions and outcomes they faced, and the key points for you to consider before embarking on your own integration project, including:

·       The advantages to your organisation of investing in HCM integration
·       The payroll vendor review and selection process
·       Preparing your current systems and, crucially, your data
·       Planning, selecting and managing an appropriate team of stakeholders
·       Managing conflicting business priorities to ensure the success of your integration project
·       Best practices and pitfalls





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Meet the presenters 

Sammy Molinaro
CloudPay | Solutions Consultant Manager

Sammy Molinaro is a Solutions Consultant Manager at CloudPay. With 20 years’ experience in the payroll industry, Sammy has worked in both in-house and provider roles, giving him first-hand understanding of the challenges payroll professionals face. During his five years at CloudPay, Sammy has held roles in payroll operations and implementation. As a Solutions Consultant, his focus now is on helping prospects and customers extract the full value out of CloudPay's evolving payroll and payment offerings.

Tom Stephens
Wells Fargo | Vice President, Product Owner – U.S. & Global Payroll

Tom Stephens is Product Owner of US & Global Payroll at multinational financial services firm, Wells Fargo.