Surviving a Cyberattack: Protecting Payroll and Responding to Cyber Threats

Payrolls' ability to pivot and respond to a data breach, a hack or other forms of cybercrime is becoming more critical to continuing operations and paying workers. However, there has been a lack of information on how Payroll professionals should navigate through such an incident. Until now.

Join the Global Payroll Association, Tristan Woods, and Michael Baer as they outline not only what Payroll teams can expect when there is a cybersecurity failure, but also common remediation practices and steps to mitigate potential future issues.

In this webinar, participants will learn:
  • Why this has become a major Payroll concern
  • How incident response plans work
  • Expectations for remediation, communication, and compliance
  • Steps for hardening your operations
Following the webinar, attendees will be allowed first access to an exclusive GPA report: Cyber Response: A Payroll Professional's Toolkit.

This publication is the most comprehensive guide for Payroll on what to do when a cybercrime incident occurs. It outlines how to work with internal and third-party colleagues from discovery through incident response, provides numerous checklists for Payroll teams to measure preparedness, and includes operational best practices so Payroll can continue and employees get paid.

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Meet the presenters 

 Tristan Woods, Chief Product Officer at Safeguard Global. 

Tristan is a leader in global workforce and payroll management. He has led strategy development at Safeguard Global for technology solutions, including operations, implementation and development of our global payroll platform and employee portal. He is passionate about payroll and helping clients find pragmatic solutions to real global business challenges.

Mike Baer, Thought leader and innovative global information services developer

Michael Baer is a trusted thought leader and innovative global information services developer. His most recent role was as a special advisor with DailyPay and, prior to that, he was managing editor overseeing domestic and international payroll news and analysis with Bloomberg Tax, previously BNA. Michael gained experience in payroll and human resources with Marriott and was later the personnel manager for the Shanghai Hilton.