The Future of Payroll for Borderless Teams

In a recent Lonely Planet survey of more than 1,400 respondents from six countries (including the U.S. and Mexico), 54% of workers self-identified as “anywhere workers,” a new kind of digital nomad who splits their time between working remotely and travelling.

Remote work has a massive impact on all aspects of hiring and payroll and depending on the country your employee is working in, taxation, health benefits and payroll will differ extensively. As a global payroll professional, how do you ensure your employee is taken care of, as well as being compliant?

Presented by Nurul Zin – Omnipresent’s Head of Payroll and Suresh Jones, Omnipresent’s Head of Innovation, this webinar is an imperative resource for anyone who needs to provide payroll for remote workers.

During this webinar, you will learn:
  • What does remote work mean for payroll
  • Major trends in payroll for global teams
  • The importance of compliance and how to pay employees in different countries
  • Key challenges to be aware of and how to address them
  • The importance of the right solution and payroll partner 




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Meet the presenters 

Nurul Zin, Payroll Director, Omnipresent 

Nurul Zin is the Payroll Director at Omnipresent leading a team of payroll professionals responsible for the global payroll operations, new country implementation and entity enablement, systems deployment, process optimisation and automation projects. Prior to Omnipresent, Nurul was with Cisco Systems’ payroll operations team, experienced in outsourced and in-house payroll structure; scaling up payroll operations, international payroll accounting and compliance at Uber, and leading the Global Payroll Operations at Gorillas..

Suresh Jones, Innovation Commercial Lead, Omnipresent 

Suresh is the Innovation Commercial Lead at Omnipresent where he is responsible for all commercial aspects of Omnipresent’s new products, which include PEO (payroll, benefits, and HR services). He brings a deep understanding of the customer and market, along with extensive founder experience from his previous businesses.