The Global Payroll Trends that are Impacting Employee Experience

Global Payroll Association (GPA) in association with Immedis are excited to extend an exclusive invitation for you to join a thought leadership symposia. 

Global Payroll Association (GPA) in association with Immedis are excited to extend an exclusive invitation for you to join a thought leadership symposia. 

Three speakers with years of experience within their chosen field will share their expertise. In addition to listening to their points of view and helpful tips, you will have the opportunity to put questions to our speakers.

We recognise that remaining connected is vital for us all. Although the symposium is virtual, this event will allow you the time to network with our speakers and with other payroll professionals from around the world.




The Global Payroll Trends that are Impacting Employee Experience
Enhancing employee experience is a focus for many high performing companies as they look to attract and retain top talent. The impact that payroll has on employee experience in now being viewed by organizations as an integral component of the overall employee value proposition.

In this session, Ruairi Kelleher, CEO, Immedis, will share industry insights and explore this topic in greater detail, showcasing:


- The payroll basics that shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of the impact they can have and how these can be improved
- Key insights that payroll can provide and how this can be used to drive your people strategy
- The advancements in payroll technology that are being designed with employee experience specifically in mind
- The critical role payroll is playing in employee financial well-being and why this matters


What are the implications of your employees working at home in countries that they do not normally work in?

The impact of COVID-19 has meant that many employees have found themselves working at home in countries that they do not normally work and, longer-term, globally remote working looks set to become an increasing trend.

Whilst there have been relaxations globally when it comes to tax and payroll, these are coming to an end in many cases or they do necessarily apply to income tax and payroll in these circumstances.

What does this mean for payroll?

Many employers are starting to realise that this state of affairs is likely to have implications as to how and where payroll is operated, together with wider employment implications.

In our webinar with Lee McIntyre-Hamilton, we explore what employers should now be doing. Specifically, we will be covering:

- the tax, social security and payroll implications of employees working in another country;
- how to manage the situation effectively;
- the immediate actions that may be required;
- the potential payroll complications that can arise; and
- how other employers are dealing with this issue. 

Enabling Business growth during COVID-19

How overcoming the challenges of remote working and the opening of international business locations in COVID-19 can improve “business as usual” and benefit the employees journey long term.  Andrew discusses a recent case study of how opening an international office in Hong Kong during COVID-19 has improved business processes for the better.

    Meet the presenters   

    Ruairi Kelleher, Chief Executive Officer, Immedis

    Ruairi is CEO of Immedis and a member of the company’s Board of Directors. He joined the wider Taxback Group in 2012 and was an integral part of the re-positioning and launch of Immedis in 2016. Ruairi is responsible for the corporate direction, strategy and M&A activity at Immedis, enabling the senior leadership team to drive innovation in international payroll and tax services through the Immedis platform. Since joining the company, Ruairi has worked to share the company strategy and vision with employees, customers, partners, and the wider global payroll industry to promote a new vision of global payroll consolidation through global tax expertise and integrated agile technologies.  


    Lee McIntrye-Hamilton, Partner at Blick Rothenberg

    Lee McIntyre-Hamilton has over 20 years experience in international mobility, expatriate tax and employment tax. He works with a diverse range of international organisations, from small owner managed businesses through to large multi-national corporation and non-profit organisations. Lee delivers co-ordinated, joined-up global mobility tax, international social security and payroll advice across many territories globally. He is a published writer on international tax matters, notably the Tiley & Collinson UK Tax Guide.  




    Andrew Finch, Global HR & Payroll Operations at Cambridge Education Group  

    Currently the Global HR Operations Manager at Cambridge Education Group, Andrew has lead on a number of payroll and HRIS implementations in worldwide businesses and managed both the out-sourcing and bringing in-house of International and UK payrolls.  Andrew’s most recent implementation/ project at Cambridge Education Group won the Transformation Project of the Year at the Global Payroll Awards 2020.





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