The Power of Three: The Impact of Integrated HCM, WFM and Payroll on Global Organizations

The interrelation between HCM, Workforce Management and Payroll systems can have a substantial positive impact on a global business, if done right. If done wrong, the investment in each of these three technologies will never truly be realized. This session will walk attendees through how to start thinking of a global alignment strategy, the real-life benefits other organizations have seen from this transformation as well as steps to take when starting on this journey. During this session, you will learn –

• The importance of aligning your people management systems globally and the value that can be realized from it
• How to move from a fragmented or local systems environment to centralized and global
• Potential pitfalls when implementing and integrating these global systems and how to avoid them 






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Meet the presenters 


Fiona Dardis
Head of Product 
Immedis, a UKG Company

Fiona is an experienced Product Strategy and Support Delivery leader with a strong background in the HCM (Human Capital Management) and is responsible for product and integration roadmap including platform and service components. She leads an innovative Product team who are focused on delivering best in class Payroll technology to solve the operational challenges that a global environment brings to our customers. 

Fiona has worked in the HCM and Payroll technology industry for more than 20 years with a proven track record in delivering innovative product solutions for this market. In her previous roles, Fiona has worked closely with customers to ensure alignment between the Product Strategy and the the business strategy of customers to deliver maximum return on investment. 
Fiona has a degree in Accounting and Finance and is a qualified Chartered Accountant having worked in consulting on HR and Payroll projects since the outset of her career.