Understanding costs when expanding with an Employer of Record

Most payroll professionals are now familiar with the concept of an "Employer of Record" service. The idea that one business can compliantly employ someone in a foreign jurisdiction, on behalf of another business. If you have identified that your business may now, or at some point in the future, be ready to employ overseas, you might reasonably want to know exactly what the cost of employing overseas using an Employer of Record service, is going to be.

In this webinar you will learn how to find the total cost of employing overseas, using an Employer of Record service. We'll give you the questions to ask to ensure you have a complete financial picture on which to base decisions or inform colleagues.

The webinar will cover;

  • Understanding the various types of statutory employer costs.
  • Identifying costs which apply only in certain situations (but which have a significant impact when they do occur!)
  • Why online "Employment cost calculators" aren't all they're cracked up to be!
  • Getting familiar with the charges an Employer of Record might make, and which costs are commonly “hidden”.
  • What to know and what to ask at the point you're ready to ask an EOR, "How much will it cost for me to employ this person using your solution?"





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    Meet the presenters 

    Sam Barnes 
    Co-Founder & Sales Director
    Sam Barnes is an international employment professional and co-founder of the Employer of Record service, Agility EOR. With over a decade of experience in global hiring, Sam now lends his expertise to ensuring businesses can quickly and compliantly engage talent in countries all around the world. 
    Describing the recent growth in the Employer of Record sector, Sam observes a bifurcation in the market. “We’re seeing those who view what we do as sell a commodity, on the one hand, and those who believe we sell a service on the other”. Whilst acknowledging there may well be room for both approaches to be successful, Sam puts Agility firmly in the service camp. “We provide a service which is enabled by technology”, he summarises. “Although our platform makes us easy to work with, it is the personable way in which we share our knowledge, and the care we give to each client, which sets us apart from our competitors”. 
    When he’s not helping clients to complete their next international hire, Sam can often be found on a tennis court, pursuing his passion for fly fishing or simply spending quality time with his wife and children.