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A plethora of useful payroll-related information and downloads for those involved in UK payroll processing:

Country Insights

United Kingdom Country insights 2015/16 
United Kingdom Country Insights 2016/17
United Kingdom Country Insights 2017/18
United Kingdom Country Insights 2018/19
United Kingdom Country Insights 2023/24

United Kingdom 2023/24 - Which tax code should you use?
United Kingdom 2023/24 - Rates and Allowances 
United Kingdom 2018/19 - Which tax code to use? 
United Kingdom 2018/19 - Jargon Buster 
United Kingdom 2018/19 - UK National Minimum wage rates 
United Kingdom 2018/19 - Brexit Jargon Buster 
United Kingdom 2018 - Dates for your diary 
United kingdom 2018/19 - Rates and Allowances 
United Kingdom 2018/19 - The Payroll Library
United Kingdom Apprenticeship Overview 2018/19
United Kingdom 2018/19 - HMRC's Payroll and Employment Manuals 

Bacs Processing Calendar 2018
Bacs Processing Calendar 2019

Welsh Rates of Income Tax 2018/19

Payroll Tests 

United Kingdom payroll test
United Kingdom payroll test - Answers 

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GPA's Resource library 

News and Articles 

The Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (ROPS) 
UK's Legislation Day to fall in July this year 
Legislation Day 2018 
UK's Class 1A National Insurance deadline approaches 
Two key pieces of employment legislation for 2019 
UK Statutory benefits payments for 2018 
HMRC Issues two new communications about UK Regulatory change 
Employer-supported childcare in force as of 4 October