Unlocking the benefits and addressing the challenges of globalization

Factors associating the cost-of-living crisis have deemed current times more difficult for young people to live in their originated countries and are therefore immigrating to more affordable places to live, decreasing the size of the local skill pool of young talent further.

Countries are being pushed to rethink their approach to entering new markets and seeking critical skills overseas.

In a dynamic and fast paced world jammed with movers and shakers it is important when employing abroad that your business stays up to date with compliance and regulations, in this webinar we will cover:
  • Guiding you through the steps needed to take when hiring overseas.
  • What needs considering when using a foreign payroll.
  • How to move a business into a new market.
It’s time to unlock your power to beat the challenges of globalisation!


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Meet the presenters 

 Sara Lewis, Head of Communications Manager at IRIS Software Group

Sara is responsible for leading the company’s global communications, social media and content. Sara has over 25 years of communications experience, and prior to joining IRIS, she provided consultancy for technology businesses such as SOTI, Infinity SDC, Barloworld, BJSS and Acronis. From planning and development, to execution, Sara’s mix of experience has skills has enabled her to deliver strategic, integrated PR campaigns, designed to support business and marketing objectives.


Fran Williams, Product Director at IRIS Software Group

Fran is responsible for ensuring the IRIS value proposition is clearly communicated & understood by prospects and products & services delight customers. He is a versatile leader, with a proven track record of creating, managing & executing successful marketing, commercial & product proposition strategies within the domestic & global payroll & HR marketplace.
Prior to joining IRIS, Fran spent the over 15 years in similar roles within the payroll & HR industry working across international and domestic providers such as Moorepay, Zellis and Alight (previously NGA Human Resources).


Daniel Grace, Lead International HR Consultant at IRIS FMP Global

Daniel has experience working in leadership and consultancy roles over the last 6 years in the International Payroll and HR arena. Working with small, medium, and large enterprises across the world to ensure employment law and payroll compliance.




Adrian Demkiw, General Manager at PSI Payroll Services Inc. By IRIS

Adrian has 10 years of HCM and managed payroll experience, working across a variety of senior leadership roles. He has worked with a full range of startup organisations and Fortune 100 enterprises to drive tangible results on strategic projects.