What Can AI Do For Me: Embedded AI and Its Role in Future-Proofing Global Payroll and Payments

In this webinar, we explore the transformative impact of embedded AI on global payroll and payments processes. Beginning with an overview of embedded AI and its role in SaaS platforms, we delve into the key challenges faced in global payroll and payments, including data complexity, compliance regulations, and security concerns. We then examine the current landscape of AI in payroll and payments, identifying areas of progress and remaining challenges.

Central to our discussion is the pivotal role of embedded AI in addressing these challenges by enabling real-time data analysis, compliance monitoring, and fraud detection and prevention. Through case studies and examples, we illustrate how embedded AI enhances efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making capabilities in payroll and payments operations. Finally, we showcase Papaya's comprehensive approach to embedded AI, encompassing document processing, data mapping, payments optimization, and security, highlighting its potential to drive innovation and operational excellence.

Join us as we explore the vast potential of embedded AI in revolutionizing global payroll and payments, and learn how organizations can leverage these solutions to unlock new opportunities and achieve sustainable growth.

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Meet the presenter

Amit Levi SVP of Product Management at Papaya Global
In his role, Levi leads Papaya’s product team and provides direction to its roadmap. Levi has extensive experience managing product teams. Prior to his tenure at Papaya, Levi served as VP Product and CMO of Anodot, VP Product Management at Yokee Music, and VP Product at CoolaData.