Zennie Sjölund

Zennie Sjölund
Divisional Director Payroll
Srf konsulterna

On this podcast, Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey speak with Zennie Sjölund, the Sweden-based Divisional Director Payroll of Srf konsulterna, the association of Swedish Accounting and Payroll.  Zennie explores with us the very first steps of her journey in payroll and the challenges she has faced.  Inspiring us all with her positive attitude and get it done approach, this dynamic industry leader discusses how the Swedish Payroll Association began and the pride she feels for her own contribution; bringing together software suppliers to overcome industry challenges.  

Zennie shares her tips for getting noticed within the payroll industry and for finding the motivation to persevere after a knockback. We hear her perspective on the importance of working together and discover valuable tips about the way Swedes promote the payroll industry and take an age-blind approach to teaching people more about it. 


58 mins