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4th floor, West Block, Sandton Mews, 88 Stella Street, Sandton, South Africa

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Specialist payroll providers in 44 African countries.

Axiomatic Consultants is an independent company which specializes in providing both outsourced and insourced payroll services in Africa. We currently run payrolls for clients in 44 countries. Our primary objective is to manage the good governance of our clients in Africa, thereby mitigating any possible reputational risk.

The payroll platform we employ is cloud-based, single instance and is ISO27001 accredited.

Our strategic objective is to provide a world-class, value-added service. Given our geographic capabilities, most of our clients are multinational companies which operate in several African countries.

In Africa, tax, labor and social security legislation is often ambiguous, not well documented and in some cases illogical. Our strategic objective is to manage the good governance of our clients in Africa and to comply with this, we have a large Tax and Compliance team to ensure compliance.

The ability to offer services in multiple countries is relatively easy (although perhaps not in Africa) but the additional attributes of the Axiomatic service is what distinguishes and furnishes us with a competitive advantage. These include inter alia:

Payroll Compliance: In payroll services, compliance is non-negotiable -especially in the African context where revenue authorities purposefully target multinational companies for any non-compliance - whether such action is warranted or not. A payroll platform can facilitate compliance, but it cannot guarantee compliance. Concomitantly, Axiomatic has established a Tax and Compliance team staffed by experienced and certified tax practitioners. The aim of the team is to ensure the good governance of our clients by guaranteeing that every payroll we process adheres to the highest standards of legal compliance. In turn, this ensures that the client is perceived to be a good corporate citizen by the respective country’s authorities.

API Integration: Empowering Connectivity and Efficiency: Globally, there is a monomaniacal drive for efficiency, zero touch processing and the automation of procedures by utilizing integration between HRIS, Finance and other systems and the payroll platform. This is easily achieved in more developed countries – however, Africa has always presented a challenge due to the lack of technology and multi-country coverage.

Axiomatic has developed significant experience with integrating into other systems using API’s, including the development and set-up of appropriate middleware. These interface projects have ranged from rather simple interfaces to custom-built solutions with a complete staging area with two bridges between various systems to ensure the data was “cleansed” and coupled with update logging, data quality validation, and consistency. Axiomatic can also write and maintain middleware.

Integrations have been done with SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle, SunSystems and a plethora of different finance and time and attendance systems.

Integrations in Africa, if implemented correctly furnish the multinational company with improved governance, more stringent financial and accounting controls, and improved business processes. Further, the API’s can be used to extract hugely valuable payroll data.

We are especially proud of our API capabilities and believe that our ability to implement API’s (and the associated middleware) for 44 African countries, adds significant value to a client’s operations in Africa.