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 Address: Bankalar cd. Bozkurthan no 3 k k1
Karakoy Istanbul
Tel: +90 4444923
Contact: Nilufer Gul

Datassist has more than 1000 payroll outsourcing service clients and processes more than 2m payslips in a year. 

Approximately 75% of our clients' employees (end users) monitor their payslips through our mobile application or web based personnel management system on the same platform. 

 The core elements of our standard payroll service are as follows: 

  • Continuous Legal Compliance
  • Instant Access to Experts
  • Integrated Systems and Reports
  • Machine Learning & RPA
  • HR Self service for HR and employees
  • Incentive (presented by government) management 

Datassist's payroll staff comprises of 150 Payroll specialists.  The IT department has 25 technical staff who manage our Payroll platform.  The total number of employees in Datassist is 250+. 

In Turkey, alongside the HQ in Istanbul, there are 3 branches in different cities; Samsun, Eskisehir, Bursa. 

This web based Payroll platform is the most flexible calculating tool in Turkey and is compatible with many payrolling methods.  It has the ability to integrate with ERPs or time and attendance systems, and is able to generate specific outputs. 

Approximately 90% of our clients are global companies and their Payroll service must be handled taking local law procedures and regulations into consideration. In addition to this, the reporting and all the outputs must be in a global format. This is where Datassist creates the difference, run locally serves globally. If our clients try to make it, this will not be cost effective for them. 

Datassist has been awarded “In-country payroll provider of the year” in 2018 and 2020, and “Judges award” in 2021 by GPA. In 2022, we have been awarded by Reward Strategy, “Diversity & Inclusion award“.

Datassist also provides PEO service.  Hear our Founder Ms. Ayse Uca’s speak about it here: