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 Address: Bankalar cd. Bozkurthan no 3 k k1
Karakoy Istanbul
Tel: +90 4444923
Contact: Nilufer Gul

Datassist has more than 450 payroll outsourcing clients, processes more than 65,000 monthly payslips. 

The approximately 55% percent of our clients' employees (end users) monitor their payslips through our mobile application or web/based personnel management system on the same platform. 

 manThe core elements of our standard payroll service are as follows: 

  • Setting up our clients' payroll methods and processing parallel payroll run for two months before going live
  • Monthly payroll processes such as data updates, legal transactions, providing payroll related reports including bank files, tailor made unique reports specialized for clients
  • Consulting service especially on HR/Legal/Social security issues. 
  • Incentive (presented by government) management 

Datassist's payroll staff comprises of 87 Payroll specialists, the IT department has 16 technical staff manages our payroll platform and total number of employees in Datassist is 143. 

In Turkey, there are 4 branches in different cities; Samsun, Eskisehir, Bursa, Izmir. 

Web based payroll platform is the most flexible calculating tool in Turkey and very responsive to being compatible to many payrolling methods, ability to integrate to ERP or time and attendance systems, and able to generate specific outputs. 

Approximately 90% of our client are global companies. However, their payroll service must be handled by taking local law procedures and regulations into consideration. In addition to this, the reporting and all the outputs must be in global format. This is where Datassist create the difference, run locally serves globally. If our clients try to make it, this will not be cost effective for them. 

Datassist's employee can observe and ran many kinds of payroll while working in Datassist. This is the most important factor of their professional career. Their biggest asset is having the Turkish payroll know-how. Our legislation club works as alumni and when employees leaves our company, they are considered as graduated from payroll school in Turkish HR market. 

Datassist came to be a market leader in terms of; 

  • Know-how
  • Infrastructure
  • and reputation