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Roeen 91 N-5457 Hoylandsbygd Norway
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Contact: Per Ove Kviteberg

The Adonis Payroll Module is a comprehensive payroll system designed to meet the needs of the largest global organization plus medium-sized and small businesses looking for a flexible payroll system. Completely operationally integrated with the Adonis Human Resource System, it maximizes efficiency by preventing errors such as double entries and redundant work. The system has many features, including a consolidated central database, full audit controls and compliance with SOX regulations, multi-currency handling, flexible pay scale system, numerous banking interfaces, automatic back pay, time cards, budget and many other functions that will make the everyday work-load much lighter in any payroll department.


The system is especially designed to meet the need for security with a strong access protection system, where the various user groups are given access write / read or no access to modules, menus and routines, granulated to the single field level.

At the same time there is a large flexibility to handle complicated organizations, with offices and departments often spread across various countries and following different national payroll rules for taxes, fees, contributions and reporting.

A vital part of the Adonis’ solution is the Personnel self-management Portal, where the individual employee may have access to parts of his bio-data, his pay slips, his competence records etc and upload image files (scans) of the same.

Adonis supports a variety of National Payroll rules, such as Norwegian, Danish, United States and The Philippines in addition to International Payroll.