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300 Barangaroo Avenue,
Barangaroo NSW Australia 2000
Tel: + 1800 778 326 

We’ve been working with New Zealand businesses for 35+ years, helping transform their payroll from a cost to an asset.

Affinity’s outsourced payroll services give you access to a team of accredited and highly skilled industry experts who administer all payroll-related tasks. In short, the Affinity team becomes your payroll department. Our people collaborate with your organisation to develop a localised solution that’s tailored to meet your needs, implementing a best-practice design for your payroll process.

Our innovative cloud-based payroll software is one of the most advanced solutions on the market. Designed to meet the complex legislative requirements faced by businesses in Australia and New Zealand, Affinity’s technology delivers automation that reduces reliance on key people, eliminates duplication and improves accuracy. Our systems interpret payment rules and bring your disparate systems together, ensuring best practice across the wider business.

Our services include:

  • Managing all employee and manager payroll queries.
  • Inputting all payroll data, managing amendments, and any changes.
  • Calculating any back pay and adjustments.
  • Checking the payroll output for accuracy and verifying accordingly.
  • Unifying employee data through integration with HR, T&A and BI systems.
  • Preparing and submitting electronic tax files.
  • Providing a best-practice design for your payroll processes.
  • Collaborating with your team on a solution that’s tailored to meet your needs.