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Njalsgade 72C, 6th, 2300 København S

Tel: +45 281 269 32
Contact: Sara Lykke Andersen, Chief Sales Officer


Amesto AccountHouse, part of the Norwegian-based Amesto Group, specializes in comprehensive Accounting, Payroll, and HR outsourcing services across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. We provide seamless, high-quality solutions for diverse businesses, large and small. Our innovative approach integrates advanced business software with a range of services, including salary calculations, payslips, government reporting, and more. We champion the "#askmore" ethos, prioritizing people, the planet, and profit equally, striving to positively impact our community and environment while ensuring excellent client service and fostering an inspiring workplace.

At the heart of our operation is a team of over 60 professionals, each deeply committed to simplifying payroll and HR complexities in the Nordic landscape.

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Payroll
More and more Nordic and international companies trust their payroll management to experts. The reason? Enhanced peace of mind and tangible benefits. Entrusting specialists with these critical tasks allow you to focus on your core business, secure in the knowledge that this aspect of your operation is running smoothly.

Business Software: Efficiency and Innovation
Competitiveness stems from smart, time-efficient solutions. We don't just manage payroll and HR; we enhance them through innovative system solutions. Our dedicated integrations team stands ready to streamline your processes with advanced software support.

Our Comprehensive Payroll Services Feature:
• Precision in input and calculation of base salaries
• Timely distribution of payslips
• Execution of payments from client accounts
• Reporting to governmental
• Customized monthly journals and reports
• Support with employee registration processes
• Travel and expense report
• Absence, overtime, and sick leave handling
• End-of-year procedures
• In-depth pension administration

Choosing Amesto: A Commitment to Sustainable Excellence
Every choice impacts the world around us. At Amesto, we live by the conviction that good choices contribute positively to our colleagues, communities, and the environment. 

We're not building just any company; we're creating a heart-led, mind-driven organization. Our goal is to simplify life for our clients and cultivate an inspiring workplace for our team.

People, Planet, Profit: Our Triple Bottom Line
We navigate the complexities of business with a balanced focus on these three critical areas. This approach has seeded numerous successful projects, underscoring our commitment to excellence, ethical operation, and environmental responsibility.

About the Amesto Group
A proud member of Amesto Group, a family-owned Norwegian enterprise, Amesto has been operational since 2002. Our group, a collective of businesses in the Nordic region, is part of the broader Amesto Global network, with a presence spanning Europe and North America.
Amesto Group includes Amesto TechHouse, Amesto AccountHouse, Amesto Toptemp, and Amesto Global. We're pioneers at the forefront of technology, investing in intrapreneurs and innovation, nurturing both short-term projects and enduring initiatives under the Amesto umbrella.