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CloudPay provides fully managed global payroll services to multinational organizations through a unified SaaS solution that combines a single proprietary platform for global payroll and payments with knowledgeable in-house experts who are ready to change how you think about your payroll operations.


By delivering end-to-end managed payroll services through an innovative platform, CloudPay ensures consistent and compliant payroll around the globe while reducing operating costs and minimizing manual processes. Their services and technology standardize the payroll function across geographies, helping organizations increase efficiency, streamline compliance, and achieve greater visibility into payroll performance and costs.


Backed by deep industry expertise earned over more than twenty years delivering services to over 2,500 multinational entities, the CloudPay solution guarantees accurate payroll processing across 130+ countries in more than twenty-five languages.


CloudPay’s software and services represent a new model for addressing the complexity of global payroll, with more tools and processes available on the core platform and local partners working directly inside their application. Now, regardless of country or partner, CloudPay customers have the confidence of knowing all data and processing is happening in one unified system, providing greater compliance, real-time audit trails, and comprehensive analytics. The result is stronger control over costs and resources, and superior insight into how each aspect of the process, including upstream workflows, impacts overall performance and results.


In 2018 CloudPay launched a new data integration framework that has elevated the standard for the payroll space. Featuring asynchronous syncing and intelligent automation, Connect 2.0 enables a single source of record for payroll and HR systems, with bi-directional data transfer done in real-time.


CloudPay incorporates robotic process automation into the solution to accelerate payroll processing while maximizing efficiency and accuracy. Their robotics tools run automatically pre- and post-processing to identify and prioritize errors instantaneously, decreasing calendar length and error volume, while speeding issue resolution.


Because CloudPay processes all payrolls on the same centralized, standardized platform, they have the unique ability to anonymize and analyze a significant volume of data and provide global benchmarks that the payroll industry previously lacked. In addition to their proprietary payroll solution, CloudPay recently released CloudPay Academy, to improve training and understanding of global payroll and its potential to inform and empower multinational companies of all sizes.


Positioned as an Achiever in Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll Platform report, and a Leader in NelsonHall’s Payroll Outsourcing NEAT assessment, CloudPay has been named Payroll Software Product of the Year and won the Global Payroll Transformation Project of the Year Award. To learn more, visit