Elanor spol. s. r. o. Elanor spol. s. r. o.

Elanor spol. s. r. o.

Contact Details

Address: Kodaňská Office Center,
Kodaňská 46,
100 00 Praha 10, CZ
Tel:+420 222 509 999
Website: www.elanor.cz
Contact: Ms Jekaterina Poltavskaja

At present, Elanor has over 250 permanent employees. Permanent employees constitute the principal force of the company. The payroll clerks, consultants, methodologists, analysts, programmers create an efficient team. Our professional team guarantees the superior support and other services, which the company offers and provides:


• Total number of customers is over 550 companies
• Elanor accounts more than 500 000 pay slips per year
• Companies use Elanor‘s SW to account more than 5 Milion pay slips per year

Elanor has won cooperation with prestigious clients from many different businesses, and many of them being the leaders in their respective branches. Long-term contracts with such clients guarantee to Elanor economical stability and outstanding reliability, an important aspect when building a long-term partnership.

Our goal is to unify payroll across the CEE region. We offer Central Payroll Management, a set of tools and services allowing our clients fully and actively control, view, report, communicate and troubleshoot from one place. We believe in simplicity. Once global contract, one price, unified contract conditions and escalated single point of contact.

Elanor is also a member of Payroll Service Alliance which allows us to cover through our partners Western European countries.