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Address: 4th Floor Cordy House, 87-95 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3BS, United Kingdom
Tel: +442039896300
Contact: Jen Le

Elements Global Services is a global HR technology firm and Direct Employer of Record (EOR). As the first and only 100% Direct EOR, Elements saves clients time and money by using one partner acting as the legal employer of their employees and contractors with entities in more than 160 countries.

With solutions powered by Elements’ cloud-based software platforms and further supported by a global network of experts, Elements simplifies the complexities of global expansion and hiring internationally by managing local taxes, regulations, legal and administrative policies and cultural barriers. Meanwhile, the key steps in the employee lifecycle, like hiring, compensation, assignments, performance management and terminations are still completely under your control. With Elements’ Direct EOR, you can focus on your core business strategies while we make sure that your business is compliant every step of the way.

With essential functions like compliance, payroll and taxes taken off your hands, you’ll be able to commit greater resources to spend on your expansion strategy and the growth of your business. Without the need to set up your own legal business entity, you’ll save time and money and avoid the common risks associated with expansion.

And as the first and only 100% Direct EOR, partnering with Elements eliminates the need for complicated contracts with additional third parties and streamlines communication. With its own entities in more than 160 countries worldwide, Elements provides clients access to local support from in-house experts in real time.