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Employment Hero, the smarter way to manage people, Payroll and productivity. We take the hard work out of people management so employers can grow their teams and businesses with confidence.

Ben Thompson, founded Employment Hero alongside Dave Tong in 2014. Since day one, both have been inspired to lift employment and Payroll to new heights.

Employment Hero Payroll is an award-winning cloud-based Payroll and workforce management platform. From a single integrated platform, Employment Hero Payroll automates the flow of data from employees across rotas, timesheets, leave management, pay runs, and reporting.

With everything under one roof, outsourced Payroll providers can save costs and free themselves from the stressors of Payroll with a system that makes it simple. Employment Hero services over 200,000 businesses, collectively managing over 1 million employees located in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Employment Hero’s Partner Network is designed with accountants, bookkeepers and outsourced Payroll bureaus in mind, servicing over 750 partners. As your partner in Payroll and employment success, benefit from:

  • Extensive product support articles, marketing support, discounts, training videos, bite-sized webinars, and much more for your team to help your clients
  • Streamlined Payroll processes for your clients and improved customer retention, with cloud software that is constantly enhanced with legislation updates and value-add features
  • Driving strategic objectives such as increasing client reach, earning an additional revenue stream and driving new business with a value-added reseller model.


We give you the tools to manage Payroll end to end, scale quickly and improve compliance. Making payroll and employment easier and more rewarding, for everyone.