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Expatax B.V.

Contact Details

Address: De Bouw 107,
3991 SZ Houten
Tel: +31 (0) 30 246 85 36
Contact: Arjan Enneman

Expatax is a payroll outsourcing bureau providing payroll services in the Netherlands to businesses of all types.

We currently have hundreds of payroll clients as our outsourced bureau services are highly recommended due to our high standard of client care, accurate processing and the payroll training we give our motivated staff. Our clients range from companies with only one employee to companies with 1,000 employees.

Which services do we provide?

  • Registration as an employer with the Dutch tax authorities
  • Calculation of monthly salary and creation of payslips
  • Submission of wage tax returns
  • Creation of payment schedule for wage tax, national insurances and net wages
  • Annual accounts, administration and year end statements
  • Creation of employment contracts
  • Application of the 30% ruling (if applicable)
  • Advice about the available tax free allowances
  • Correspondence with involved parties

As no business is the same, we take a close look at your requirements before providing you with a quote. We take care in planning the payroll service to suit your or your clients existing internal systems. Since each client is different, the approach depends on the specific situation.

Who can we help?

  • Foreign companies which send employees to the Netherlands
  • Companies in the Netherlands which employ (foreign) workers
  • Other payroll providers which are looking for a partner in the Netherlands

What are the benefits of outsourcing your payroll to Expatax?

  • Brings in professional insight to the process: Expatax is well aware of the payroll related laws and compliance in the Netherlands as well as changing regulations which your staff may not be aware of.
  • Benefit of our experience: Expatax is in business since 2001, with a strong focus on international companies.
  • Reduce costs: outsourcing your payroll to Expatax can reduce direct cost involved in processing your payroll. Don’t hesitate to request a quote.
  • Boost the productivity: outsourcing your payroll to Expatax brings down the burden of your employees and enable them to focus on other core areas of the business.