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Globalization Partners International Ireland Limited
104 Lower Baggot Street
Dublin 2, D02 Y940, Ireland

Contact: Jennifer McGuire


G-P helps growing companies unlock their full business potential by making it possible to build highly skilled, global teams in days instead of months. Through our SaaS-based platform, we help find, hire, onboard, pay and manage team members, quickly and compliantly, to expand growth opportunities for everyone, everywhere – without the hassle of setting up local subsidiaries or branch offices. 

Work is no longer a place we go. Now, work can be done anywhere.

Technology has enabled an interconnected workforce - one in which cross-cultural communication and collaboration will unlock the future. As we work across locations, time zones, and borders, our access to diverse talent has never been greater. 

But expanding your global workforce brings complexity as well as opportunity. From ever-changing rules and regulations to payroll policies and local labor laws, effectively managing the nuances of international employment is more complex than ever. 


That’s where G-P come in, enabling the future of the everywhere workforce.

What G-P does differently

We help you find, hire, onboard, pay and manage team members, swiftly and smartly, regardless of geography. Our industry leading SaaS-based Global Employment Platform™ handles international expansion and compliance so you don’t have to.

G-P’s technology and in-country expertise enables businesses worldwide to access talent in 180+ countries without the need for subsidiaries or local branches. Built-in legal and HR functionality mitigates the cost, time, and pain of establishing your own.

Access to diverse talent is critical for growing businesses. We connect ambitious companies to global talent, and talent to opportunities.  And we never forget that behind every hire is a human being. That’s why, as we make employment opportunities accessible to everyone, everywhere, we deliver a connected and supportive experience for all.

Globalization Partners takes care of the hard part so you can focus on the best part – growing your business, globally.