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HRIT brings together an elite team of experienced professionals who think far beyond the horizons of a standard financial service. We provide personalized partnerships to international organizations setting up or consolidating their businesses in Italy and to the managers who move with them. We are here to guide you every step of the way in both Italy and beyond.

We work closely with international partners to offer a single, seamless viewpoint in over 50 countries worldwide. HRIT is also the trusted Italian partner for many of the world’s leading international payroll providers.

Our proven expertise reaches across the full spectrum of accounting services, from individual requirements to the complete outsourcing of personnel management, accounting, tax, and corporate compliance.

HRIT was founded in 1996. Since the day of our inception, it has never stopped striving to reach new heights. Today, HRIT is a leading provider of tax, accounting, and outsourcing services. It’s based in the heart of the eternal city, Rome and from here we deliver services throughout Italy.

HR and Payroll Services

We understand the value of human capital

We free businesses of all sizes and sectors from the payroll process, allowing them to focus on making their ambitions happen. We tailor truly bespoke, highly efficient, end-to-end payroll systems around clients’ exact requirements – and only theirs.

And we don’t stop there. Going forward, we then ensure clients’ systems remain in line with ever evolving regulatory developments and relevant company-specific agreements.

Services provided:

  1. Payroll Services
  2. Full outsourcing of human resources management
  3. Continuous updating of systems and procedures that remain up to date with Italian tax/social security/labor regulations
  4. Support in dealings with the Italian tax, social security and labor authorities
  5. Tax payment management
  6. Wage and salary payment management
  7. Budgeting and actual and forecast analysis of the impact of current pay policies
  8. Labor and HR Consulting
  9. Expat Services
  10. Tax and Social Security
  11. Insurance design and solutions


Accounting and Audit

We offer expertise across the board

HRIT is not simply an anonymous accounting service. We work with clients as partners, proactively handling every single aspect of their accounting and audit requirements and valuing their reputation as much as we do our own.

We offer a comprehensive range of highly specialized consulting services. What HRIT can also promise is that we take great pride in everything we do, making the whole process as transparent, stress-free and efficient as we possibly can.

Services provided:

  1. Setting up companies, branches and other organizations, including accounting and control system
  2. Audits and due diligence support
  3. Financial audits of existing companies and company check-ups
  4. Business valuations
  5. Consulting and support in complex finance transactions (mergers, acquisitions, management buy-ins / buy-outs)
  6. Bookkeeping and financial reporting
  7. Company secretarial office
  8. Independent audits of financial statements
  9. Statutory audit services

Tax Consulting and Compliance

We deliver measurable value

For a highly efficient tax consulting, here it is the right place. We have professionals highly experienced in the field of tax compliance and consultancy.

Services provided:

  1. Employee taxation (benefits, stock option plans and RSUs)
  2. Estate planning and reorganization of family wealth
  3. Donations and inheritances
  4. Taxation of real estate, artistic and financial assets
  5. Company taxation (income taxes, VAT, indirect taxes)
  6. International tax planning
  7. Preparing and arguing appeals before tax commissions nationwide
  8. Income tax for both individuals and legal entities
  9. VAT (periodic obligations, communications, specific regulations)
  10. Tax and social security obligations associated with human resources (Form 770 - withholding agent declaration, Form W2 - CU, Form 730 - simplified tax return
  11. Tax refunds

We also help clients to smoothly navigate the ever-shifting landscape of administrative, accounting and tax obligations. In doing so, we guarantee that their organization remain fully compliant at all times.

Wealth planning and protection

We put your interests above all else

Over time, HRIT has developed an extensive network of leading advisors. All are leaders in their specialist fields of corporate banking, private banking, wealth planning, law, audit, asset administration services, asset management…you name it. By putting their expertise to work on your behalf, we open up a whole world of possibilities.

Navigating the complexities

Setting up real estate or private equity investments. Structuring asset protection and transfer tools. Restructuring groups of companies. Raising corporate financing in debt or capital. Advising on initial public offerings. There is no challenge that we cannot scale, however complex it may be.

Every level. Everywhere.

In a hyper-connected world, we take a global approach to the taxation of both individuals and legal entities. You demand effective tax planning. You expect the most efficient tax solutions. You need to stay up to speed with constantly evolving regulations. Well, that’s exactly what we do…

From ensuring a permanent taxable establishment exists in Italy to selecting the best legal solutions for recruitment. From identifying the most advantageous salary and benefit options to advising shareholders and managers on personal taxation. We protect your interests at every level, everywhere.

Certifications and Membership

ISO 9001:2015 No. 3149 (Accounting, Tax and Audit Services and Consulting)

ISO 9001:2015 No. 8709 (HR and Payroll Services)

ISO 27001:2013 No. I-00399

ISO 37001:2016 No. C-2020-02233

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