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iiPay is an award-winning Global payroll provider, focused on Service Excellence and Technological Innovation. Driven by cutting-edge cloud-based proprietary technology to meet the complexities of Fortune 100, SMB and Enterprise businesses globally in over 170 countries, iiPay delivers its services through a combination of in-house payroll processing (65%) and mature trusted partner network.


iiPay’s market-leading technology empowers global organisations by providing a single unified solution globally for real-time workflow management, global integrations to any inbound/outbound systems, standardised data management and global analytics, all global payments, and global employee self-service. This reduces complexity by centralizing and simplifying multi-country payroll processes whilst delivering compliance for customers in all countries, globally.


What You Get with iiPay


Global Workflow Management

Ensure process consistency and payroll governance globally with the iiPay Global Workflow Portal.

Manage all your payroll controls and signoffs from within one single ecosystem.

iiPay’s real-time global workflow ensures process consistency and payroll governance globally. The workflow platform gives you complete ownership of all your payrolls and provides complete oversight of all milestones and all data objects.

Key Benefits: Simple navigation, Easy Approval, Always-on Access, Visibility, Secured Data Sharing.


Global Integrations

Say goodbye to the burden of manual work, data collection and duplication!

Automate your reporting, reduce manual errors and manage your payroll on a cloud-based, all-in-one platform that immediately reacts to the feeds of data whether it comes from your HR, T&A or any other systems. Streamline your multiple payroll operations on our unique platform so that you eliminate the time-consuming data collation process marred with unexpected challenges.

Automate payroll inputs with zero human interaction by bringing all your systems together. 

Key Benefits: Automated Workflow, Reduced Payroll Cycle Time, Risk Reduction, Improved Processes & Performance, Modern User Interfaces, Data Encryption


Dashboards and Real-time Analytics

iiPay’s analytics dashboard gives you the power to make informed business decisions and provide transformational business intelligence.

Ask questions, interrogate your data and view the corresponding visualization, all from within a single global eco-system. The dashboard ensures a consistent approach to your payroll management, globally.

Key Benefits: Instant Access for Management Reporting, Instantly see Global Data Aggregation, Eradicate Errors. Save Time Consolidating Reports. Analyze Pay Elements, Compare Payroll Elements


Global Compliance Library

Mitigate risks through accurate and compliant payroll providing peace of mind for businesses.

With iiPay’s single master service agreement, your data will be treated at the highest level of security in alignment with our ISO certification and SOC report. To help support internal audit processes, iiPay provides access to our Compliance Library so that your team gets informed in time about the latest country-level payroll regulation changes. We take care of compliance, so you don’t have to!

Key Benefits: Proactive and Clear Legislative Statutory Updates, Eliminate Exposure to the Organization, Real-time Alerts, Clear Understanding, Training and Support, Employee/Employer Tax Calculation