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78 York Street,

Tel:+0044 (0) 208 187 2800
Contact: Martin Sweeney

Intelligo is leading provider of Payroll Software and Service Solutions. Our solution MegaPay is trusted to manage the payroll and people management requirements of more than 1,000 companies in the UK and Ireland ranging in size from 300 employees to 50,000 plus.

Reasons to choose Intelligo;

One powerful system.

  • MegaPay uses a single codebase throughout, making it truly configurable and allowing us to easily meet the most complex of requirements without the burden of customisation. This approach also makes seamless integration with other global business technologies easy to achieve and we are proud to be a Global Payroll Certified Workday Partner.

We give you the flexibility you want.

  • Run inhouse or outsource. A range of tailored payroll outsourcing intensities allow you to decide exactly how much of the payroll process your organisation wants to retain.

We also put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

  • We are continually looking at ways to improve our customer experience. As a result,we have a 99% client retention rate, with some relationships stretching back more than 26 years.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration, contact Martin Sweeney, our UK Country Manager.