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Papaya Global is a SaaS fintech provider enabling automated, compliant, fast, and accurate global payroll and cross-border payments for enterprise clients looking to streamline their global payroll operations.

Papaya's proprietary software – the Papaya Payroll OS - is the first solution unifying payroll and payments. The unified platform means complete visibility over the entire process – from employee onboarding to payment execution – through a single panel, without managing multiple vendor relationships or bank accounts. It processes global payroll and makes international payments to employees, authorities, and vendors in over 160 countries while supporting all types of employment (payroll, EoR, and Contractors) and delivering payments in over 100 currencies.

We can do it all because Papaya is the first global payroll provider licensed to hold and transfer payroll funds and the only one to develop its own payment rails designed especially for payroll. It's why we can deliver instant payments in many countries and guarantee delivery in up to 72 hours everywhere - which lets clients fund accounts much later in the pay cycle, increasing working capital flexibility.

As a uniquely positioned paytech built for payroll, licensed and regulated, Papaya can complete new clients' KYCs within two business days, letting clients establish an e-wallet (virtual payroll account) held at JP Morgan or Citi, then simply and directly pay their entire workforce without. With no 3rd parties, the process ensures payroll payments always arrive on time and in full local compliance everywhere. The Papaya OS consolidates global payroll data into a single data stream, providing complete control and visibility. Global workforce spending can be tracked with one click, turning payroll - every company's biggest expense and liability - into a strategic asset, empowering growth at scale.

Papaya's built-in AI-led engines automatically validate all workforce data for accuracy and compliance, so processes such as employee onboarding and salary updates go faster and smoother.

The Papaya OS is the first truly end-to-end solution for payroll and payments on the market: Tailored for enterprise.

Choose from a full menu of global payroll and payment capabilities and solutions.

We tailor our service to your organization's strengths. Works with your systems Seamlessly integrate your favorite local partners with Papaya Global. No ripping and replacing of the processes and partners you like - only the ones you don't. Go live in weeks Because we're not reliant on others' technology, you can go live with Papaya Payroll OS in just a few weeks.

In today's global business environment, companies must integrate their operating tools to maximize efficiency. They need to build a tech stack of tools that "speak" to one another. The Papaya OS is built to do just that – bringing your HCM, ERP, expenses platform, and other tools together, providing payroll, payments, and business analytics, and serving as the "brain" for the entire process. For companies with a global workforce, that connects the dots.

The Papaya OS puts you (back) in control of your global payroll so you can focus on what matters — your business.