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Ramco Systems is a part of the $ 1 bn conglomerate- Ramco Group of Companies. With 24 offices and 1900+ employees worldwide, Ramco is one of the first IP led companies in APAC. Over the years, we have enabled 1000+ enterprises to thrive digitally on our various platforms.

Ramco Global Payroll serves over 500 global customers across 50+ countries, many of which are large MNCs; generating 2.4+ million payslips every month. Ramco Global Payroll is developed on an indigenously grown platform, providing customers with the same user experience across 50+ countries.

Ramco payroll can be deployed on-premise, on cloud as well as a managed services offering; also providing the interoperability in operations. The payroll platform has native integrations with major HCM providers. It is backed by a well-oiled machinery that helps customers stay proactively compliant to all the payroll related statutory and regulatory requirements across 50+ countries.

Ramco Payroll leverages the latest technologies in its payroll products like AI & ML, Anomaly and Reasoning Engine and aims to provide a zero UI experience with the help of chatbots, intelligent payslips, Universal Personalization Engine, Mail based interactions, etc.