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Klarabergsgatan 33,

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Tel: SE: + 46 10 483 80 00
Contact: Zennie Sjölund
Sveriges Redovisningskonsulters Förbund (SRF), the association of Swedish Accounting and Payroll consultants, was formed in 1936. SRF is the country’s leading organisation in the field of financial and accounting consultancy and, since 2013, payroll.


Today SRF has over 6,000 members all over Sweden and engages more than 300,000 Swedish and overseas companies.

SRF requires that all their consultants are highly qualified, with a commitment to quality in their work as well as personal development. A consultant’s competence for the role is thoroughly screened during recruitment stage.

SRF strives towards continual growth and development within the field, carefully monitoring the latest trends in the area of finance, accounting and payroll. We also play an active role in government legislation through close co-operation with government authorities and organisations. Through its extensive range of education and tuition, SRF is able to ensure that the members remain at the cutting edge of the field, which further reinforces the trust and faith of our customers.

SRF provides courses for the members and other active participants working in accounting and payroll. SRF also promotes standards for several purposes in the field of payroll, eg a common chart of pay and deduction, an instruction of payroll processes including a code of conduct and code of ethics for the payroll professional.

How to become a member
Members of SRF need a certification in accounting or payroll. Students can also apply for student membership during certification. SRF also caters for people who are non-certified and interested in the organisation in exchange for a fee.
A certified payroll consultant is someone who is educated at a Higher Vocational Education establishment and has four years of work experience in the payroll process, or is educated by courses or colleagues with six years of work experience in the payroll process. The application process requires a CV and three referees outlining the relevant competences needed (at least two of the referees are contacted by phone to answer a standard form for the applicant). Once the application is considered completed it is approved by the certification board. To get a certificate the applicant then has to pass a web examination and a certification day.
There is a one off fee for payroll certification including:
• Validation of application – no charge
• Web examination – 1,900 SEK excluding VAT
• Day of certification – 1,500 SEK excluding VAT
Total fee: 3,400 SEK excluding VAT per participant
Certified payroll consultants gain a SRF membership, which also includes products, benefits and services. An annual fee to maintain the certification includes:
• Service fee – 500 SEK excluding VAT
• Certification fee – 1900 SEK excluding VAT
• Membership fee – 500 SEK no VAT