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Anderlechtstraat 15, unit 5.2 5628WB Eindhoven

Tel: +31408421635
Contact: Ralph Wilbers 


What do we do?
WePayroll supports you as if we were your own internal payroll department. Good client collaboration is important to us, as illustrated by our three core values: personal, high quality and flexibility.

We are interested in the company behind the administration, which is why we take a proactive role in your organisation. WePayroll is a service-oriented company with easy and accessible client contact.

Our staff members receive continuous internal and external training. Extensive checks and the four-eyes principle for mutation processing allow us to offer high-quality payroll administration. We also ensure compliance with social and fiscal legislation.

WePayroll understands the importance of timely and accurate salary payment and can support you in this process. We can develop a plan that aligns seamlessly with your internal processes. Responding to the needs and developments of our clients is also important to us, so we are happy to deviate from the plan when necessary.