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Alight is a leading provider of digital human capital and business solutions to the world’s most influential companies.

Our integrated AI platform provides actionable insights into an organization’s workforce, helping our clients maximize the investments they make in their people. With proprietary data analytics as a guide, we empower employees to make smarter decisions that enrich their health, wealth and work.

At Alight, we believe Payroll is so much more than just a pay day. In the Era of the Employee, a smarter payroll strategy matters even more. So, we provide the solutions and support our clients need to transform the way they pay. Our user-friendly, integrated platform grows with a workforce and delivers accurate payroll on-time, every time, keeping spend in shape, reducing risks and driving growth.

Leveraging innovative technology, flexible managed payroll services and expertise in 188 countries and 25 languages, we deliver a payroll experience that puts your people first.

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