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At the beginning of 2022 Acumen International launched a proprietary cloud-based SaaS platform to provide our clients with an array of built-in tools that can help them control costs associated with their global growth and enhance its efficiency and provide the global employment information for expansion and international talent acquisition decision-making. 
The Global Payroll Calculator (GPC) is one of our innovative SaaS tools, designed to estimate the cost of employing staff in different countries and help businesses understand the compliance requirements for conducting business in a new country. THE GPC helps companies minimize labor costs while providing up-to-date information on hiring, compensation, and tax requirements in the form of instant automated estimates of the cost of hire across 190 countries. With the GPC, clients can get instant automated payroll estimates for local citizens and expatriate personnel in 190 countries. What used to take weeks or months, Acumen’s clients can now get in a blink of an eye!
Global Payroll Calculator ( is the ideal international employment cost prediction tool to help clients estimate the costs of employing staff in other countries, including employer and employee taxes. It allows client companies to stay on budget and avoid surprises when expanding internationally.
The tool enables Acumen's clients to explore and test new markets, make informed decisions about where to base their business, plan foreign employment budgets, help minimize payroll tax and employee wage costs, and decide where to establish business most cost-effectively while getting the total employment cost instant estimates for locals and/or expats broken down by all in-country employee and employer taxes. The GPC streamlines the management of variable pay and hiring components, such as employer and employee taxes, benefits, insurances, commissions, bonus allowances, and reimbursements. Acumen International's managers provide direct support, particularly with payroll services to clients across 190 countries.
Acumen International being a complex Global PEO/EOR and payroll solution provider, our platform has a gross to-net payroll capability, which enables global businesses to define the net salary employees would take home. This helps business owners and founders, and HR managers to calculate how much it would cost them to attract and retain top global talent in addition to estimating the employer burden. Thus, streamlining their global hiring decisions. 
The Global Payroll Calculator leverages unique up-to-date data collected by Acumen’s expert in-house team research of over 1500 official government sources and validated with local lawyers, compliance experts, and accountants. Our research team tracks developments in 190 countries around the globe. It gathers up-to-date data on local regulations related to tax, payroll regulations, benefits, hiring practices, compliance requirements, and other labor-related factors that impact an employer’s bottom line.

Advantages of using Acumen's GPC:  


In a matter of minutes, the GPC equips global businesses with essential information needed to:  

  • Make informed decisions about global hiring. 
  • Budget for planned global expansion. 
  • Calculate and compare employment costs in 190 countries. 
  • Estimate costs for both local employees and expat personnel. 
  • Get a detailed breakdown of mandatory in-country employer/employee taxes and contributions. 
  • Get accurate automated estimates in seconds, versus waiting days and weeks to receive quotes from local payroll providers. 
  • Receive quotes for comparison of 190 countries, in a standardized user- friendly format, in a single click.

Key Benefits Clients Get With Acumen’s GPC: 

  • No more time & cost consuming cost-of-hire estimation processes . Instant automated global payroll estimations. 
  • Complete breakdowns of employer and employee up-to-date tax rates and contributions for local and expat workers in 190 countries. 
  • Best chance to attract top global talent, no matter the location. Clients can calculate employees’ net take-home salary and use the results to make attractive offers to job candidates. 
  • Ability to compare the cost of hire in 190 countries and choose the best to expand their business. 


The GPC became Acumen’s first value-added self-service tool in support of clients’ global expansion and talent acquisition and retention cost modeling, and compliance offered as a new product offering alongside the company’s key Global EoR/PEO service offering.


Note that Acumen International maintained EOR/PEO, payroll, and EMEA support operations in its shared service center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Due to the Russian war that started in Ukraine in February 2022, Acumen International has relocated its Ukrainian team to safer locations in both Ukraine and Europe, namely to Cyprus where they have a business entity, Spain as well as to the UK. The company has ceased operations and terminated all projects in Russia and Belarus in March 2022 and has expanded its support of Ukrainian and international companies in retaining talent with relocation and compliant PEO services, and continuing their normal operations.